New sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)-free Aquamax® Cream is a new leave-on emollient for use in eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. It has been specifically formulated to exclude all common allergens and irritants found in other emollients. It has a 33% higher lipid content than Aqueous Cream BP and many other moisturisers. This provides an efficient barrier to stop moisture escaping from the skin and to prevent irritants and microbes entering.

Aquamax® Cream softens, protects and moisturises dry skin and is suitable for all ages including babies. It may also be used during pregnancy and lactation. It contains purified water Ph. Eur., white soft paraffin BP, cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin Ph. Eur., polysorbate 60 and phenoxyethanol.

Aquamax® Cream is free from: 






Isopropyl myristate

Other common irritants, sensitisers or detergents

Directions for use

Apply gently and smoothly into the skin in the same direction as hair growth   Apply several times a day (as often as required) to keep the skin moist. Discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs.