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Founded in 1999, Intrapharm Laboratories is a rapidly expanding speciality pharmaceutical company with many years of experience in both the sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products in both the UK and Republic of Ireland. Innovative collaboration with both UK and international companies has led to the successful commercialisation of many niche pharmaceutical and 'Over the Counter' products.

Based in the United Kingdom, Intrapharm Laboratories is an important supplier to both the NHS and international markets ensuring the ongoing supply of pharmaceutical products with proven therapeutic value. Intrapharm Laboratories has shown consistent year on year revenue growth which has been underpinned by the investment made in people to support critical functions such as Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, Medical Information, GDP and GMP. This investment has resulted in an increasing number of mutually beneficial business partnerships.


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Lindsey Spencer, Registered Manager

“Lactulose sachets are something that we have had for our residents on prescription and have used before.

I think that these are a wonderful idea, they reduce the risk of wrong dosing as they are already measured, which as you can imagine is a great load off the mind of the person administering meds, they are as you say, less messy and last much longer, particularly important as these are often prescribed on a PRN basis so we need to have Lactulose in stock but there is sometimes a lot of waste due to expiry of the medication.

I don't really have any negatives about the individual doses of Lactulose, as far as I can see they are a vast improvement on the bottles”

Added: 2015-04-20 09:08:03