Business development
Intrapharm Laboratories along with the Riemser Group is focussed on continued growth through the introduction of new products and services, achieved by fostering collaborations and strategic partnerships that enable the company to provide bespoke solutions for the UK and international markets.

In addition to this organic growth, Intrapharm Laboratories constantly seeks to engage the market via acquisition and in-licensing of established products, while sourcing new opportunities and therapies to the mutual benefit of both business partners and end users.

The adoption of a mixed in-house and outsourced business structure means that Intrapharm Laboratories have access to a constantly growing stream of resources across many business sectors and therapeutic disciplines, while the integrated sales and marketing team continue to offer a cohesive, market-leading platform for the commercialisation and distribution of new products, both UK and overseas.

Intrapharm Laboratories’ ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance and quality coupled with the wealth of experience and resources demonstrated by the service levels offered, provides Intrapharm with a strong, competitive presence in the marketplace ensuring continued growth and increased profitability for business partners and affiliates.